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Blackbird Studios Gown - Black Athena Gown

"Season of the Witch"

The October air has invaded my gardens. It is here to take my last crisp breath as roots wither into the earth for a deep sleep. I am getting the cozy’s.  I want to make soups.  I want to wear sweaters and I want to take long walks under bright...
on October 06, 2022


As designers, we often get asked  the queston " What inspires you?"  It could be a book, a painting, a song, a film, a muse, even a button! Since it is February, the month of Love, we thought it would be an ideal time to introduce to you to one of our...
on February 07, 2022


Blackbird Studios is a Canadian Designer Label, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Designers Kerry Wade and Lynn Bebee have been part of Canada's burgeoning fashion, arts and culture scene for the past 2 decades. Many of the fabrics are exclusive to the label. They work tirelessly on building a brand that is accessible, sustainable and above all else, fashionable!!


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